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Keeping your dog or cat happy and healthy requires proper dental care. This is a necessary part of their regular wellness routine. Tooth and gum disease can result in serious health conditions, including kidney, liver, and heart disease. Proper oral care can add years to your pet’s life! Animal Care Clinic offers dental care services for pets in Round Rock and the surrounding areas.

Signs of Periodontal Disease

  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • Bleeding or red gums
  • Yellow or brown tartar/plaque on the teeth
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Difficulty eating
  • Loose teeth or tooth loss
  • Blood in the water bowl or on chew toys

Home Dental Care

Routine home dental care, starting early in a pet’s life, can positively impact the future oral health of the pet and can prevent or delay periodontal disease.

The team at Animal Care Clinic will provide education on the proper use of home dental care along with instructions on how to brush your pet’s teeth.

Dental Consult

If your pet is experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, or if you have any concerns about your pet’s oral health, please contact us to schedule a consult. During the consultation, our veterinarian will perform a physical exam and partner with you to develop the best plan for your pet’s oral care.

Professional Cleaning

Animal Care Clinic offers anesthetized professional dental cleanings for dogs and cats. It is necessary for pets to be placed under anesthesia to allow for thorough evaluation of the mouth, to perform full mouth dental radiographs, ultrasonic scaling of the teeth above and below the gumline, and to treat painful dental conditions.

With the proper precautions, modern anesthesia is very safe. Your pet is fully monitored (similar to what is used in human medicine) and receives supportive care while under anesthesia.

Call us today to get started on a proper course of dental care for your beloved companion. 

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