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When your beloved furry family member nears the end of their life or passes on, we are here by your side to help you through this most difficult of times.

At Animal Care Clinic in Round Rock we understand that losing a pet can be a devastating experience. Our compassionate and caring veterinarians and staff will be there to help ease your burden and aid you in making the best choices for you and your pet.

Compassionate, Honest Services

Whatever the reason, our staff can help support you with honesty, compassion, and kindness. When the time comes, we will sit down to address all options for your pet’s end of life care. We will be there to supportively guide you through making the right choices.

Pet Quality of Life

When establishing end of life care, our goal is to keep your pet comfortable and be sure they maintain the highest possible quality of life. We can provide a great deal of comfort and life extension using modern medications such as local anesthetics and anti-inflammatory drugs for conditions like arthritis.

Sometimes changes in nutrition, alternative therapies or surgery can be combined with these medication treatments to extend your pet’s life or provide them comfort with hospice care in their final months or years.

Palliative care or euthanasia can be final options in very serious conditions when other options have been exhausted. These courses of action are hard calls to make and require a great deal of consideration. If the time is right to pursue these actions, or for information about cremation or grief support, our veterinarians will always be honest and caring when advising you regarding your decisions.

Whatever course is the best, we will remain at your side to support your family through this difficult time. If you think it is time to look into end of life care for your pet, please contact us.

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